Imagine you’re a listener…

August 24, 2011 Owen 0

…listening to your show.  You’ve waited through the commercial break because you, the host, teased content that peaked your interest.  It was a GREAT tease! […]

Content From Thin Air

August 22, 2011 Owen 0

“(P)eople say they write songs, but in a way you’re more the medium. I feel like all the songs in the world are just floating […]

Sports Radio Insider on…

August 17, 2011 Owen 1

…passion.   Rick Scott is one of the biggest (literally and figuratively…he’s 6′ 10″ tall!) radio consultants in the country and his POV is worth listening […]

Big Voice and Big Insight

August 16, 2011 Owen 0

Dawn, Jim and Leo Laporte Last October, former ESPN Radio program director, current 97.3 KIRO FM PD Larry Gifford spent time chatting with ESPN Radio, […]

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