The best hosts…

…are the executive producers of their own shows.  They lead their staff, set expectations, demand greatness, and by doing so, create great radio.  For example…

From Mike and Mike in the Morning…at night.

…when I worked on Mike and Mike in the Morning, Mike Greenberg in many ways was the executive producer of the show.  He knew what topics he wanted to talk about, what sound he needed, what type of guest or guests he wanted, what questions he wanted to ask, how best to feature/support Mike Golic, etc. 

He was also open to suggestions and new ideas, and gave credit, on-air, when deserved. 

Michael may not realize it, but in many ways, he showed and shows great leadership. 

The next level in radio…


Dan Patrick is never satisfied.  He wants everything to be bigger and better and it fuels him to push himself and his producers to greatness.  That drive has led him to push for a bigger radio show, synergy with his web-site, a TV deal, etc.  I would bet that much of what makes NBC’s Football Night in America the best NFL show in the nation comes from Dan. 

Dan is, in many ways, leading all of talk-radio and television by virtue of his fantastic ideas and drive.  


The best hosts do more than just flip open a mic’ when their show starts.  They dig…for stories and for sound to accentuate the story.  They think of guests that will take their content to the next level.  They write teases that will hold the audience.  Most importantly, they communicate what they want to their producer or producers AND collaborate with them to create new and great content and WOW moments.   

Are you the executive producer of your own show?  Do you find great audio, shoot the link to your producer with the in and out time for the cut?  Do you make guest suggestions?  Do you highlight articles for your producer? 

Do you lead? 

You will if you want your show to be great. 

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