Pet Peeve

July 19, 2012 Owen 0

“I don’t want to do (that tomorrow) because the audience will think we are talking about the same thing again.” This is a statement I […]

One rule: NO RULES!

July 17, 2012 Owen 0

”If everyone listened to u ex ESPNers every show would sound the exact same. Same guests…same topics.” -Josh Innes The temerity…the audacity…the temercity!  I’m so […]

Pitching ideas with teases

July 12, 2012 Owen 0

Here’s another example of how I pitch ideas…not perfect, but as you can see, an attempt to give my host the most compelling, tease-worthy stories […]

ABDC and à la carte

July 7, 2012 Owen 0

To order an item from the menu on its own, e.g. a steak without the potatoes and vegetables is steak a la carte Interesting blog […]

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