Where Have I Been (Nike was right)

Well, good question. Before I got into sports-radio, I was a (waiter) musician and had intended to be a recording engineer, but radio got in the way and absolutely filled my (cough) passion bucket. I cannot truly express how much I have enjoyed being a producer, host and program director.

Then something clicked in my head last (Rock)tober and in a few short months I had written and recorded an album under the moniker New Age Healers called “Ghosts.” I played all the instruments, except drums (I could not punish my elderly neighbors with that nonsense!) and even sang. If you’re wondering, the music is a few different sub-genres of alternative rock, called Shoegaze and psych-rock. Really it’s just classic pop-rock to my ears.

640x640 ten songs day 8
An example of a graphic created for social-marketing

My intention was to do more than release music that was probably not going to be heard by very many people. It was also to learn some new skills. It’s been an incredible adventure as I’ve taught myself how to record music with Garageband, edit videos with iMovie, create graphics, etc.

More importantly, and for the purposes of this conversation, I’ve been learning marketing in a social-media world, and if I could impart some small pieces of wisdom to you, it would be these:

  1. build and honor relationships. This means when someone is kind enough to appreciate something you’ve done, thank them. If they have thoughts, respond. You will build a loyal following doing this.
  2. Just do something every day. Because of the assembly line nature of social-media (it moves fast!) and the ridiculous algorithms, my plan was to simply create some new piece of content in reference to the project as often as possible. This meant writing posts about every song on my Tumblr page or creating new content based on music reviews and features like this interview or promoting content with value via Instagram. It also meant creating ads for Facebook and Youtube like this…

Did it work? I honestly don’t know but considering that I started from scratch with no audience it’s noteworthy that these songs have been listened over 1,400 times on my bandcamp page.

If you work in radio, there’s no reason you can’t create one piece of content every day that allows you to build relationships with your audience where they find you, be it on-air, online or via social-media.

Nike was right when they said “just do it.” Find the audience and just do something.


If you have interest in checking out the music, click here to check out my bandcamp page. Or watch the videos below.

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