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Clayton and Calabro
ESPN’s John Clayton and Kevin Calabro

Every single show in the country should have regular daily features…you know, benchmarks.  Here’s some suggestions…

  • A football hit: Like The Herd’s Football Fix (best idea, like, ever), have an insider, former or current player on to talk about “the hits” of football every day.  As I’ve written below, at 710 ESPN Seattle, we had tremendous success placing John Clayton on with Kevin Calabro every weekday.  Simply put, that grouping doubled share in its time slot within a few months.
    • NOTE: For those of you in basketball country, clearly that may be the way you want to go with this feature.
  • Audio cuts: An audio cuts feature that encompasses the hits…We do a similar feature called Journey Into Sound on the John Curley Show here in Seattle.  It’s a news/talk station.  Pick it up at 16:30 to hear an example.
    • It goes as follows:
      • set-up
      • music bed
      • audio cut
      • HARD opinion or story
      • all in 2-minutes, then move on.
        • One quick note: You MUST set up the cut, otherwise it’s just out of left field and makes no sense to the listener.
  • PTI opinion based feature: A longer version than the Big Finish.  10-minutes, 5-great questions, 5-music beds, again based in the hits.  I’ve written about the Five at Five that Mike Heller and I would do every day…at 5pm…umm…on the Big 1070 in Madison. It was quick, it was opinionated and it was a destination for our listener….Gordy…he loved it.
  • Insider feature: Have a sports insider on every single day, again, at the exact same time, again, sharing insight into THE hit of the day.
  • Twitter: Some shows do a Twitter feature every day, in which they share their favorite tweets, focused on the best tweets from sports insiders and sports celebrities to create a fast paced feature, based in the top-stories in the moment that’s a really cool way to use social media to create entertaining and insightful sports conversation while also interacting with your P1’s.

Owen, why is this so important?  Because each of these features are…

  • …a revenue generator as they can be sponsored.
  • …a great feature for your web site. Let’s be honest, your site stinks (stinks).  It needs unique content.
  • …something you and your audience most likely care about.
  • …easily promotable in imaging.  Admit it, it’s difficult to record a “lookie” when you’re not sure about what you’ll be talking about 21-hours later.  But, being able to say “join us for the Football Fix today at 3:15 and 5:15 as Peter King takes you inside Peyton Manning’s future in the NFL and where he will play QB in 2012” is a ton easier.
  • …easy for listeners to remember, thus make an appointment to actually listen to.
  • …”hits” that can be replayed a few hours later.  Remember, your audience has almost completely changed over from hour 1 to hour 3.

Make money, grow ratings, seems like a no-brainer.