Executing GREAT Interviews


Now THAT’s a BIG interview

I had a really fascinating conversation with a programmer today about strategy regarding interviews and he articulated an idea that I think is worthy of consideration.

His idea: If you have a big guest coming up on your show, build up to it like it’s an event.
For example:
Seg 1:
Preview/promote the interview by talking about the questions you will ask, the answers you expect, and what YOUR opinions are on these topics.
Seg 2:
PT 1: Set up interview with big opinion
PT 2: Bring guest into that passionate conversation
PT 3: Tease that you will tell your audience what they need to know about what they just heard.
Example: “There’s three, must hear take-aways from this interview and we’ll tell you what they are, and what you need to know, next.”
Seg 3:
PT 1: Reset topic and guest then set-up audio clip of best portion of interview
PT 2: Play said clip
PT 3: React to clip with insight and big opinion
PT 4: Callers/other guests, etc.
PT 5: Rinse and repeat.
Obviously this idea doesn’t work for every type of guest, but for the right ones, this could be a great way to turn an everyday interview into an event.