Executing WOW Moment(s)

How are you going to create and execute WOW moments before, during and after big sports events?

To me, it’s like the days when news breaks. For those who don’t know, this is a TREMENDOUS marketing opportunity for you; cume pours into your station and site, and gives you the opportunity to grow your audience by converting newbies into regular users of your on-air, and online product, while also wowing your core fans.

The difference is that you can’t plan for breaking news (well, you sort-of can, but that’s another blog post) but you can plan for big moments like these.

For example, Super Bowl coverage:
  • Sunday…imagine all that audience driving home from parties, tuning into your station.  And imagine them following you on Twitter during the game.  Take advantage of this!
    • Right after the game ends have your talent ready for special coverage.
    • Have your sound packages ready to go, so that you can drop cuts into sessions.
    • Have imaging ready to go to enforce your chosen position in the market.
    • Have support staff ready to record audio before during and after the game and have it cut ASAP.  Roll on EVERYTHING.  The game, CBS Sports Radio, ESPN, ESPN 2, The Ocho, ESPN Radio, local calls, etc.
    • Monday following the game, have your guests booked a month in advance…and think big.  Be creative!  Have teammates on together, have pundits on who are friends, etc.  Do more, be HUGE, use sound, push guest segments to be epic!
    • Take screen shots of significant moments, post them online, tweet the link out and have your experts take your audience inside with their insight.

Screen Shot Examples:

Oh Brett...
Oh Brett…







Go Coug's
Go Coug’s








March Madness…
If you are lucky enough to have Westwood One’s coverage on your station, do everything I laid out above, AND use those Thursdays and Fridays to introduce audience to your talent via live pop-ins that feature your talent sharing insight while also promoting their shows and the great stuff you have online.

If you do not have Westwood One, you should still be ready to be on when the important games end, with significant coverage on-air and online, same as I laid out for the Super Bowl above.

These are the days in which you grow your audience while solidifying your base.  Do not miss out.