The Art of the mini-tease…

Why do listeners leave your station?

They leave because they are not engaged by whatever you are presenting, be it commercials or, well, unappealing content.  Maybe there’s a way to better the odds of holding them through content that may not appeal to them.

There is.

I was listening to a talk radio show recently and the host did something great; something we can all learn from and something everyone who hosts a radio program should be doing regularly.

He did, what I’ll call, a “mini-tease.”


Allow myself to explain…myself.

Host comes out of break, and says something like “researchers have discovered that there’s a science behind the sing-along – a special combination of neuroscience, math and cognitive psychology can produce the perfect sing-along song.  AND they have picked the top-5 best sing-along songs based upon this research.  We’ll get to that in 3-minutes…but first, did you hear that Barry Manilow has now succumbed to Hollywood pressure over his support of Ron Paul?  Blah, blah, blah…”

Personally, I could not care any less about who Barry Manilow thinks would be a great president, BUT scientific research that proves what the perfect sing-along songs are…well, that grabbed me…and held me.  I sat through what I thought was a silly point about Barry Manilow waiting to find out the catchiest sing-along song of all-time.  If this talented host had simply shared his thoughts on Manilow, I would have been gone thisfast.  Hell, even faster…like thsfst.  Or tsfst.


Think about what he did; the host gave the listener two reasons to stick around, instead of one, thus increasing his chances of holding a larger portion of the audience.

Dan Patrick and big nose

We employed a similar tactic on The Dan Patrick Show.  Dan’s delivery out of break often looked like this:

  • Coming up in less than a minute, I’ll tell you (intriguing angle about hottest sports story)…
  • Sponsor read.
  • Coming up in 15-minutes (big-name guest) will tell you (intriguing angle about hot sports story)…
  • Pay-off opening tease…
  • Coming up in 5-minutes (big-name guest) will tell you (intriguing angle about hot sports story)…that’s next, this is the Dan Patrick Show on ESPN Radio.

We were celebrating our great content with the audience who always knew what was coming up and why it was interesting.

Every segment, every show, every day.

The combination of this approach, along with Todd Fritz’s great booking skills and Dan’s immense talent led to huge ratings growth year-to-year.

You’ve heard me say numerous times, with PPM and a multitude of content options for the audience, it’s vital that you do everything you can to keep your audience engaged.

BTW, according to science, Queen’s We Are the Champions is the catchiest song of all-time.  That’s science, so you know it’s true.

For me, this is the catchiest song of all-time