Why no one listens to your podcasts…and how to fix `em!

Here’s why no one listens to your podcasts:

  1. You don’t write hooks.
  2. You choose the wrong stuff to highlight.
  3. You don’t promote your best stuff via social media.

This is NOT rocket surgery, people.


THAT right there IS rocket surgery!

Most stations in the country do the exact same thing with their podcast page, and it goes something like this…

  • Guest name – click here.
  • Guest name 2 – click here.
  • Guest name 3 – click here.

Or it looks like this…

  • Mike Silver of Yahoo Sports joined us to talk all things football.  Click here to listen
  • (Local defensive back) joined us to preview (coming opponent).  Click here to listen.

If you don’t give someone a compelling reason as to why they should listen, there is little chance that they will take time out of their busy day to listen.

When writing a podcast description, think about hooks that will grab the attention of your intended audience…

  • Mike Silver of Yahoo Sports tells you why (local team) cannot succeed come playoff time, why (local coach) is on the hot seat and the reasons Tim Tebow WILL not only beat, but destroy Tom Brady’s New England Patriots.


  • (Defensive back) tells you what it will take to shut down (big-time WR), the teammate with the worst pick up lines and the surprising biggest smack-talker on his team.

See what a difference a hook makes?

Oh, and for the love of Tebow, don’t give away the punchline like a certain show did today…

NFL Draft Insider (name) says Panthers quarterback Cam Newton will have a better NFL career than Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. Tebow doesn’t have the skills to last in the NFL.

Now that listeners know the why to what he said, they have almost no reason to listen.



Here’s another thing to think about when creating podcasts…consider featuring the best things that happened on your show, as opposed to only the interviews.  Did you have a humorous exchange with a caller?  Did you have a great story based upon the hottest topic of the day?  Did you turn an audio clip into 10-minutes of rip-roaring info-tainment?  Of course you did…but would anyone know by looking at your podcast page?  Nope.  B

Because people tune in every day to hear what you have to say, your podcast page should feature the great things you do:

  • A poem, about Tim Tebow that does the impossible…yes, we rhymed the word “orange” with…
  • The top-5 must-hear audio clips of the day, including a mind blowing quote from the Jerry Sandusky trial.
  • The story behind why I need the Indianapolis Colts to lose their last 3-games of the season.
  • Sports Illustrated’s (name) takes you inside the Jerry Sandusky trial and tells you who knew what and when, and you will not believe how this could affect the future of Joe Paterno.

The formula is simple and will help you grow your audience…

…build your highlights around what you felt was the best portion of your show.  Then tweet it out…share it on Facebook….to stay in front of your audience even when you’re not actually live and local. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen, and you will slowly grow your audience.

Oh, and one other thing…it will get the attention of future employers…and Tim Tebow…

We believe in you...all four of us.
We believe in you…all four of us.