What Clients Say

“In just a short amount of time, Owen has managed to make immense improvements in my personal abilities as host, but has (also) made the quality of my show even better! It’s like having your own personal coach walking you through every minute and aspect of your show. If there were performance enhancing drugs in sports talk radio, Owen Murphy would definitely be on the banned list! He will take you to another level!”

-Mark Zinno, host, 92.9 The Game, Atlanta.

“When you have a show that’s doing well in the ratings, it’s easy to get comfortable. Owen Murphy will not let you do that. He will challenge you to work harder and smarter, make your show sound bigger, and find ways to make you better. Whether it’s using his access to help get the perfect guests for your topics or having a brilliant idea man to turn to on the day nothing at all’s happening, there’s no question having him on your side will make you a much better sports radio host.”

-Heath Cline, host, 107.5 The Game, Columbia , South Carolina.

“I am in a top market and I was recruited over to another station to take over the afternoon drive slot. My goal was to own the market for local sports talk shows. Owen not only hammers home the basics but he is a master at noticing the minute details that matter so much. The preparation, production and implementation of the show has improved immensely. Owen is a total pro and we owe him a lot. If you don’t use him thats more listeners for me. #Boom.” Chris Braden, host, Denver.

“I like to think I was a diamond that needed polishing and didn’t even know it. I met Owen Murphy and within two weeks of listening and advising he turned what I thought was pretty good (content) into what I know is great (content). It was pretty simple – organizing your show, defining roles, understanding PPM, choosing (the right) subject matter and then pushing to take our show to the next level. Thank you Owen Murphy.”

-Anthony “Booger” McFarland, afternoon drive host, 98.7 The Game, Tampa.

“A big thank you, in fact, as we’re on the cusp of (great things). The suits love what we’ve been bringing and wants to mold us into potentially being the face of the station. We’ve been using audio more, (bigger/better) guests, get into segments quicker, and in our opinion, it’s been paying off. Our text numbers are up even more than they were. Our ratings went up in two diff demos, and it just feels like a better show. We owe that all to you.”

-Sports talk host, top-30 market, December 2103.

“Since I began (at my new gig) several months ago, the ratings for the station in my time slot have jumped 40%. I credit Owen Murphy for helping me better develop topics and delivering to my audience what they want when they want it.”

-Sports-talk host, top-20 market, December 2013.

“Owen is the Peyton Manning of your radio show. (He) creatively (helps you) find new avenues to (create) quality radio. He challenges your crutches and the way you have always done radio…but in a good way! If you are looking for the next step – no matter how big (or small) a step it may be – Owen will be the one to get you from zero to development, efficiently and with amazing support.”

-Afternoon drive host, sports radio station, PPM market.

“Owen Murphy is one of the bestidea-men I’ve ever worked with. He has a unique ability to take any topic and find multiple angles to move the story forward in an entertaining and compelling way.”

-Justin Craig, program director, ESPN New York

“From building the Dan Patrick Show to successful startup sports stations in Seattle, Owen Murphy knows how to move the meter as far as programming. His golden touch has worked in local and network markets.”

-John Clayton, ESPN NFL insider and 710 ESPN Seattle radio host

“I gave (a producer) a stack of your blogs that I printed off and told him to read and learn.”

-Dave Zaslowsky, former PD Clear Channel Sports Radio in Hartford and New Haven

“Owen is a creative, big thinker who knows how to produce-up segments with audio and coach talent to get the best performance. He works with reporters, anchors and hosts to find the best angles, and include the most compelling details. Owen’s organized, thoughtful, and strategic when it comes to assembling the show. He’s an idea guy who communicates effectively with his team. He’s a collaborator who truly cares about the station and show.

-Larry Gifford, former PD, ESPN Radio (national) and KIRO Radio in Seattle

“Once again I find myself sending people links to (Owen’s) blog. Passionate radio pro.”

-Tyler Moody, VP CNN Radio

“Working with Owen has been the single most important step I’ve taken as a radio host. There is no bigger thrill than witnessing your product get better, show by show, week by week, month by month. Owen showed me the formula for developing hits on my show through topic development, strong opinions, and audio. Owen doesn’t sugar coat things – then again, why would you want him to? You’re not coming to him for gumdrops or flowers, you want to get better, right? So leave your ego at the door, and in six months time, you’ll be thatmuch closer to landing your radio dream job. Why settle for mediocrity? Decide today what I did six months ago – that you’re willing to do whatever it takes to improve by signing up with Owen, the best radio mentor in the country.”

-Marc Ryan, 98.7 The Game, Tampa

“My ratings saw months of sustained increases after following the advice of Owen Murphy. The results were incredible! Owen pushes hosts to get on top of their game. He refocuses their efforts and passion onto what matters and provides the outsiders’ perspective to what’s lacking in your performance. Owen WILL make your show better and YOU a better host.”

-David Boze, afternoon drive host, 770 KKTH – The Truth

“Owen’s understanding of PPM and his ability to implement that understanding into our daily show resulted in better topic selection and execution…plain and simply put, he is the best producer I have ever worked with.”

-Tim Montemayor, PD/Host 1320 The Fan, Salt Lake City, Utah

“Owen is such a good talent coach. You’re spending good money on your shows and you take them as far as you can go. But today it’s so smart to invest in making them better. Owen does that with talent and producers.

-Jim Cutler, voice over talent for, well, everyone

“I have learned more about Sports Talk from Owen Murphy than anybody else in the business. His understanding of this business and what it takes to be great was, is, was and will continue to be invaluable to me. Owen knows what it takes to be number ONE!”

-Mike Heller, host, The Big 1070, Madison, Wisconsin

“Owen Murphy brings so much to the table for hosts to improve with. From development of topics to how to get the most out of show prep. He knows sports talk radio, more important, Owen knows how get those points across and will make you better.”

-Mike Maniscalco, Sports Director/On-Air Host, 99.9 the Fan/620 the Buzz,Raleigh, NC

“Without question or debate, Owen Murphy has a template for show preparation that produces results – and more importantly, better radio.”

-Brien Straw, on-air host, SportsRadio 610, Houston

“Owen Murphy single-handedly changed the way I prep, outline and deliver my show in a PPM world. Working on my format, he showed me how to properly tease upcoming topics, play the hits while consistently delivering what my audience wants most…compelling content. I cannot stress enough how important his guidance has been in my growth as a talk show host.”

-Tony Desiere (Tony D) Yahoo Sports Radio

“In just one phone conversation with Owen, my perspective on sports-talk radio changed completely. Phones are ringing off the hook, our audience has grown and they are more passionate then ever. With the help of Owen, our station has a focus and direction that wasn’t there in the past.”

-Mike Gill, host and APD, 97.3, ESPN, Atlantic City